Best food places in Bangalore

Discovering the Tastes from the Bangalore’s. late night food in Bangalore food places in Bangalore

Bangalore is a bustling metropolis located in India’s technology hub. It is not only famous for its I.T. companies and the delightful climate. It’s a place that is a place where modernity and tradition coexist, and this unique blend extends to its food scene. food places in Bangalore One of the most effective ways to taste the many delicious and diverse Flavours in Bangalore is to take the city’s vibrant street food markets.

V. V. Puram Food Street

If you’re a fan of food, you’ll find that V. V. Puram Food Street Bangalore is the ideal place to be in Bangalore. It is located in Bangalore’s bustling Basavanagudi area. The food street is an explosion of flavours, aromas, and shades. As you walk through the narrow streets leading to V. V. Puram, many vendor stalls and stalls will welcome you. Dosas that smell delicious cooking on hot grills, the delightful aroma of jalebis fried to perfection and the spiciness of Chaats engulf the air. The streets are to life in the evening and are the perfect opportunity to discover its many culinary delights.

Must Try Delicacies in V. V. Puram Food Street

Dose Mane

Best food places in Bangalore

rich food culture. Explore and savor the taste of Bangalore.

rich food culture. Explore and savor the taste of Bangalore.

Get started on your culinary adventure with a delicious golden dosa made by Dosa Mane. Delicious dosas come with chutneys and hot potato fillings, which are always good.

Holige Mane

Best food places in Bangalore

for those who love sweets, Holige Mane is the Best place. The restaurant specializes in the hole, a traditional sweet flatbread stuffed with chana daal and flavoured with Ghee. If you want to taste hot and sweet holige, visit this place. Hoagie will be prepared right before you for both self and parcel. Depending on the crowd and timings, you must have at least some minutes to wait.

Sri Sairam’s Chats and Juice

Best food places in Bangalore

spice lovers must take advantage of this famous stall’s spicy and sweet pani or sev puri. Enjoy it with a refreshing glass of sugarcane juice. This is a great place to try chats. The menu has 100 different chat options. Try their Sai Rams special chat and dahi puri; both are amazing. The prices are also very pocket-friendly

V.B. Bakery

Best food places in Bangalore

This iconic bakery is famous for its delicious khara burgers, honey cakes, and buttery puffs. It’s a paradise for baked goods aficionados. It is one of the oldest bakeries in Bangalore. Don’t forget to try their congress bun and black forest cakes. Evening snacks like bread and homemade cream biscuits are also available here

Shree Sagar

If you’re in the mood for South Indian dishes, Shree Sagar serves a wide variety of idlis and vada and filter coffee that you shouldn’t skip. Pudi Idli superlight and Extremlely soft idli topped with coarse (pudi ) powder and loaded with ghee was just right for the perfect morning breakfast ( filter coffee is recommended )

KR Market A Blend of Heritage and Food

Krishna Rajendra Market, popularly called KR Market, is not just a bustling place to shop but also an undiscovered treasure for foodies in Bangalore. In the middle of the Centre of city life, best food places in Bangalore KR Market offers an authentic glimpse of life in the city, filled with crowded stands and vendors selling everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to bright flowers.

The Tastes of KR Market

KR Market is more than simply a market; it also lets you experience Bangalore’s lively street food scene. While walking through its quaint streets, numerous food stalls offer a wide selection of tasty food items.

Ganesha Juice Corner

The small-scale stall is renowned for its freshly squeezed fruit juices. Whether you’re looking to enjoy sweet orange juice or refreshing watermelon drinks, Ganesha Fruit Juice Corner is the place to go.

Malleswaram is one of Bangalore’s most charming areas, known for its authentic South Indian dishes and charming streets. late night food in Bangalore It’s a culinary paradise that combines tradition with a touch of modernity. This area is best food places in bangalore

Malleswaram’s Street Food Hub The Gourmet’s Haven

What to try in Malleswaram

CTR (Central Tiffin Room)

CTR is a famous restaurant that serves delicious dosas and Idlis. The Benne masala dosa they serve served with a generous amount of butter is a favourite among the crowd. one of the best food places in bangalore
An iconic Bangalore eatery famed for its masala dosa. A celebrity favourite, a historic gem was serving for decades. It’s a must-visit. However, be prepared for evening and holiday crowds. No reservations mean waiting to dine. Recently, a famous Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli, visited with his wife and enjoyed their time in this visit place

Veena Stores

Another renowned restaurant in Malleswaram, Veena Stores, is famous for its delicious Idlis, vadas, and Chutney. This restaurant has been delighting palates for a long time. Stores located in Malleswaram, Bangalore is a well-known spot for South Indian breakfast. It’s a modest and simple restaurant that has been serving delicious food for over 50 years.
Menu food options available at Veena Stores may be limited, yet all the food is made from fresh ingredients and of the highest standard. Idlis and vadas are the show’s main attractions and are some of the most delicious. Idlis are fluffy, as are the vadas, which are crunchy on the outside but soft inside. Chutney is also delicious and available in unlimited quantities

In addition to idlis and vadas, Veena Stores offers dishes similar to South Indian breakfast items such as kharab hath, shave bath, and Kesari Bhath. All of the food is delicious and inexpensive.

The service provided at Veena Stores is swift and pleasant. The staff are always eager to assist you in deciding which items to buy and ensure that you need everything.

Overall, I strongly recommend Veena Stores to anyone looking for a tasty and authentic South Indian breakfast. The food is fantastic, the prices are very reasonable, and the staff is friendly. This is the best food places in Bangalore

Here’s a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages of Veena Stores:

  • Delicious food
  • Affordable prices
  • Friendly service
  • Genuine South Indian cuisine

Ultimately, Veena Stores is a fantastic option for those seeking a tasty and inexpensive South Indian breakfast.

Shri Sagar

Craving some North Indian delights? Shri Sagar provides a mouth-watering variety of North Indian dishes in bangalore like chole pav bhaji, bhature,

Space that is small and crowded
Menu limited
Seating is limited

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