Chor Bazaar Bangalore

Chor Bazaar Bangalore

Chor Bazaar Bangalore

Also known by the name of Sunday Bazar, Chor Bazaar Bangalore sells second-hand products including gym dumbbells and shoes. mobile phones that are branded. There are also stalls that offer new and exciting products. But, it’s best not to buy because all new products are first copy and duplicate products

traceable devices, such as cellphones, there.

The market is a dark home of stolen goods that are sold at prices ranging between 10 rupees to 10, 000 rupees. It houses antiques like gramophones, typewriters, and grandfather clocks.

Second-Hand Products

It has been among the biggest and oldest marketplaces for antiques and fleas across India for the past 150 years. It offers everything from stolen goods to antiques. Additionally, there are stores selling second-hand products like clothes, shoes, auto accessories, as well as electronic items. and iphones This is a big market so be ready for a long and winding walk along the streets.

Names like Chor Bazaar bangalore originates by the term “thief” in Hindi. A variety of stolen goods are offered in the marketplace, including furniture, shoes and electronic items. It’s a very popular place for those who wish to purchase items for a reasonable price.

The market is known for its low prices and wide range of products. There are also model brand items that closely resemble original item. It is advised not to purchase electronic products in this market since they are susceptible to being stolen. There are stalls that sell new and brand-new items, as well as the items that have a questionable origin. It is also open for business on Saturdays. It is located in Arcot Srinivasa Char Cross St, Jaishree Market, Old Tharagupet, Mamulpet, Chickpet, Bangalore, Karnataka 560053.

Gym Equipments

Sunday Bazaar (also known as Chor Bazaar bangalore is known for selling second-hand products like branded footwear, appliances for homes as well as decorative items and dumbbells for gym use. There are also imitation brands that like the original. It is however recommended to stay clear of purchasing identifiable electronic devices like phones from this market since they are susceptible to being taken.

This market also is a favourite for book lovers, with numerous stands dedicated to books available for sale. The stalls usually sell the most popular books in India. Alongside books, there are other items that are second-hand, such as footwear, clothing car accessories, bike accessories. electronic products.

Automobile Accessories

Chikpete, Chor Bazaar Bangalore (also called Sunday Market) is home to various products. From designer footwear to kitchen appliances, there’s plenty to offer everyone. There are also imitation brands that closely like the original ones, like dumbbells for gym use. Despite its shady reputation The Chor Bazaar market in Bangalore is a thriving hub for commerce. But, buyers must be careful and avoid buying traceable electronic devices such as phones.

There is a rumour that the town is named after stolen items. In the course of Queen Victoria’s visit to the city, a portion of her possessions were found in the market here. The name was originally Shor however, the British could not pronounce it easily, so it changed into Chor. The market is still a source for second-hand products and car parts from scrap. But, the number of customers has decreased substantially from the 70s. There are still some shop owners who remain like Habib Khan’s poster shop, which has been running for many generations.

Electronic Items

The market is full of second-hand electronic items. There are an array of kitchen appliances and appliances. There are also a variety of brand new electronic gadgets like laptops and mobile phones. These products are offered at extremely low costs However, it is advised to be cautious when purchasing these products. It is possible that the quality might be questioned, so it is recommended to buy only from reputable sellers.

Apart from electronic gadgets the chor bazaar well-known because of its old-fashioned treasures. In mutton street The chor bazaar houses ancient bronze statues as well as coins. It’s also where you can purchase antique cameras and hardware tools. The market also offers brass and wooden cravings as well as Buddha statues, and antique furniture. Certain of these items are used in Bollywood movies as set decorations. This market has become a favorite spot for those looking for unique products or find bargains. It is however recommended to be careful in your shopping as products can be taken.

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