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Unlocking the Hidden Gems of Malleshwaram Bangalore

Hi, guys. Welcome to the blog. In This blog will discuss about the most Well known area of Malleshwaram. Malleshwaram is one of the oldest areas in Bangalore from classical dances like Kathak. Bharatanatyam to hot filter Kaapi. Malleshwaram is heaven for that

Kaadu Malleshwara Temple

malleshwaram bangalore

In honour of the Lord Shiva, Kadu Malleshwara Temple (Kannada: ) is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Bangalore. It is located in the centre of Bangalore. This 17th-century temple is covered in lush greenery that creates a feeling of peace. kadu malleshwara temple malleshwaram

. An impressive Shiva Linga adorns the sanctum of the shrine. The temple design is very good-looking. Kaadu Malleshwara Temple presents the stunning Dravidian style, indicated by detailed carvings, imposing gopurams (entrance towers), and precise proportions. The temple also stands as a testimony to the brilliance of ancient engineering, which is a hallmark that is a hallmark of South Indian culture and tradition.

​ One of the biggest festivals can be Maha Shivaratri, when devotees from all across Bangalore come to the temple for prayers and traditional ceremonies. The Maha Shivarathri celebrates with entertainment programs like singing and dancing and many more.

Another important event held in the Kadu Malleshwara Temple in Bangalore is Ugadi, The Kannada New Year. An exclusive water reservoir, or Kalyani, is constructed on the temple grounds to mark this celebration. The water has spiritual significance, and the tank is believed to be the central origin or birthplace of the Vrishabhavathi River.

Mantri Square Mall

Mantri Square Mall is one of the largest and most renowned malls located in Bangalore. It is situated in the middle of Malleswaram on Sampige Road and was developed by the famous Bentel Associates of South Africa. The mall has a gaming zone, a food court, a PVR cinema, and many significant brand stores.

This mall has 250 stores, which provide a fascinating shopping experience to its customers. They have national and international names. In this mall, you will get fast-food restaurants, coffee shops, juice bars, and many more. mantri mall malleshwaram

Mantri Square has NOX theatre, which provides the ultimate movie-watching experience. The mall also houses numerous family entertainment facilities like Kool Kidz and Amiba. Kids can play games like playing pool, 5D movies, scary house games, and redemption games at these locations. Then there’s the Hallucinate, offering 9D virtual real-world rides. inox mantri square Malleshwaram Bangalore

In this mall, many retail and electronic stores are there, like Reliance Digital, Poorvika, and HP. They sell electronics and other accessories. There are also jewellery stores worth a visit. They comprise Sanjay Jewellers Giva, as well as Flaunt Basket. This mall offers several pharmacies, banks, and eateries, so it is worth visiting. The mall is accessible by public transportation. The mall can be reached by bus service that departs from Gangamma Temple, Chikkabanavara, or Chinnaswamy Circle. You can also get a metro. It’s very near to the mall (Green Line)

Orion Mall

malleshwaram bangalore

As a part of Brigade Gateway, Orion Mall is a mall that houses several of the most popular brands from India. It is located on Rajkumar Road, the best mall in Bangalore. This mall has a range of eateries to satisfy every preference and the lake path. The mall also hosts a variety of occasions and shopping festivals throughout the season, making it an enjoyable destination for anyone who wants to have fun in Malleshwaram Bangalore

The mall was designed with New York-based HOK architects from HOK, a firm based in New York. Orion Mall is one of the city’s best-planned and constructed malls. The mall’s 8.2 million square feet of space is home to store 146 and has some of the most prestigious brands nationwide. Its architecture on the outside is striking, and the building is stunning at night when all the lights are lit.

The inside part of the shopping mall looks contemporary and sleek, focusing on accessibility and convenience. Numerous stores sell men’s and women’s clothes and electronic and home products. You will get a PVR cinema and a bowling alley, this mall has a large parking space, making it easy to locate a parking spot for your vehicle. Malleshwaram Bangalore

Orion Mall Orion Mall is easy to reach via public transport. It is located near its Sandal Soap Factory Metro station and is only a short distance from The Vivekananda College bus station. You can also take an automobile from close to Mahatma Gandhi Road. The mall’s location is convenient, and plenty of parking spots make it a perfect place for those looking to shop and take advantage of its variety of entertainment.

Cafes in Malleshwaram

malleshwaram bangalore

Hello, coffee lovers! We’re taking you on a fantastic trip through the charming cafes in Malleshwaram, where every cup of coffee is the story. If you’re a resident or simply visiting and want to know more, this is the ideal guide to the most popular cafés in Malleshwaram. So take a sip of your favourite beverage, relax, and let’s start!

Our first destination is the famous “Cafe Nostalgia.” It is located in the centre of Malleshwaram. This cafe is awash with old-fashioned charm. As you step in, you’ll be transported in the past. The scent of freshly filtered coffee is in the air, while the old-fashioned design adds nostalgia to the experience. It’s the ideal place to sip coffee while you stroll through the past.

If you’re an enthusiast of coffee and art, “ArtBean Cafe” is the place to be. The cafe serves beautiful gourmet coffee but also serves an art gallery. It is where you can drink your cappuccino while looking at the amazing local artwork displayed. It’s a sanctuary for artistic souls. malleshwaram restaurant

The Bookworm’s Paradise

: Malleshwaram is also home to “Cafe Bibliophile.” The cosy cafe is an ideal spot for readers. The shelves are lined with an impressive selection of books. You can be lost in reading a book while sipping their amazing selection of coffees’s a best place to hangout with friends and family

The South Indian Flavor

Are you a lover of South Indian filter coffee? “Kaapi Haven” is the place for you to taste authentic South Indian coffee and snacks. From the aromatic, frothy filter tea to crispy vadas, this cafe will bring the flavours from South India to your table in Malleshwaram Bangalore

The Garden Oasis

If you’re looking for an establishment with an environmentally friendly touch, “GreenBean Garden Cafe” is an under-appreciated treasure. The lush gardens and outdoor seating make it a perfect place to enjoy coffee. It will feel as if you’re in an oasis

The Dessert Paradise

If you have a sweet appetite, We have “Cafe Delights.” This café is known for its delicious desserts and, of course, a large selection of coffee choices. If you’re looking for a delicious mocha or sweet Iced Coffee, they have everything. Make sure to sample their famous desserts! Top 5 places to visit in bangalore

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