top 5 Trekking Places in Karnataka

TOP 5 Trekking Places in Karnataka

top 5 Trekking Places in Karnataka

Top 5 Trekking Places in Karnataka In The Western Ghats, Ballarayana Durga Fort is an ideal hiking spot for those who love nature. The hill fort is renowned for its breathtaking landscape and peaceful surroundings.

Jenukallu Peak

top 5 Trekking Places in Karnataka

Jenukallu Peak is a beautiful trek in Karnataka that is a favourite among those who love adventure and nature. The trek is at the foot of the Western Ghats and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. There are also a couple of stunning lakes which offer an unbeatable perspective of the scenery. The hike is made up of uphill and downhill treks. The ideal time to visit the trail is in the period after monsoon.

The summit can be found surrounded by lush forests as well as coffee plants. It is among the region’s most awe-inspiring mountains and offers sweeping views of the surrounding region. If the weather is clear, it is possible to view the coast from the Arabian Sea in Mangalore from this point. Other peaks like Ettina Bhuja and Shesha Parvata also surround this peak. Top 5 Trekking Places in Karnataka

The summit is simple to reach and is completed in a single day from Sakleshpur. The hike begins at Betta Byraveshwara Temple and covers around 8 kilometres. The trail starts slowly and gets difficult in certain places when walking on narrow rocky pathways with vertical falls along the other side. 

The best time to visit is September and December, one of the best trekking for adventure lovers

there is a lot of elephant movement in this place 

Charmady Ghat

Charmady Ghat is one of the top trekking destinations in Karnataka due to its perfect blend of mountains, forests, and rivers. It can also be home to numerous indigenous wildlife species like deer, wild boar and panthers. The region is a natural heritage site with stunning panoramas of the Western Ghats and the Chakra River.

The Charmady Ghat is a trekker’s paradise, with trails suitable for beginners and experienced trekkers. A bunch of forest department guest houses provide an unforgettable experience for trekkers. In addition, the people here are very friendly and will make your hike more enjoyable.

To get to Charmady Ghat, you can catch a train or bus from Bangalore up to Dharmasthala and then transfer a Jeep towards Bidruthala, the town of Bidruthala. You can go to the summits in Kodekallu and Ballekallu; both are ideal for viewing the sunrise. Additionally, you can explore the beautiful Alekhan waterfalls while heading towards Bangalore. It’s a must for any nature fans. Top 5 Trekking Places in Karnataka

The hike up to the Charmadi hilltop is challenging, but it is worth it for the stunning scenery 

. The view from the top is amazing with mountains. It is a must-see place for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.


top 5 Trekking Places in Karnataka

Kudremukh is a well-known trek destination for the Bangalore crowd due to its scenic beauty and diversity. It is a hilly range within the Chikmagalur district, with numerous mountains forming its stunning landscape. The area is also a favourite destination for hiking, rafting and camping.

Kudremukh refers to “horse faces” within the Kannada language. The name fits due to how the mountainside appears at an angle. It is the third-highest peak in Karnataka and is part of the Kudremukh National Park. It was previously called Samseparvata because it’s located close to the village of Samse.

Going on hikes during the summer is recommended when the temperature is cooler and you can observe more wildlife. But it can be cold in winter, and you may want to pack warm clothes. Kudremukh is a great spot to escape the temperatures of Bangalore. It’s also a wonderful spot to relax and unwind. The shimmering green hills and flowing waterfalls will make you stunned. This is an experience you will always remember that you’ll never forget.

It’s the best place to visit during monsoon; winter views are best. This is a very challenging task, but tiredness is nothing in front of the view.

Bhatkal to Maravanthe

Bhatkal towards Maravanthe is a popular bus route with many operators operating buses within the region. Customers can reserve tickets online and complete the journey with ease. The buses are well-maintained and have amenities to ensure security and comfort. There are also refreshments and snacks, making the journey more enjoyable.

When travelling, travellers can stop off to visit Sringeri’s Shrirada Peetham. It is among India’s major Advaita Vedanta monastic institutions. Its tranquil atmosphere and architectural splendour make it an ideal spot for those who are devoted and seeking wisdom. It is also possible to visit Agumbe and Agumbe, the most well-known rainforest destination, famous for its abundance of rainfall and diversity.

Another popular destination near Maravanthe can be found in Maravanthe’s Kodachadri Hills. These mountain peaks provide a stunning panorama of the ocean and the landscape. Furthermore, the mountain is home to various species of wildlife as well as rare flora and wildlife.

Kodachadri Hills

The Kodachadri hills comprise the Mookambika Nature Sanctuary and boast stunning views. This is a perfect trek for those who enjoy the outdoors and want to escape city life’s hustle. The ideal time for this Kodachadri trek is in the winter or monsoon season since this allows you to view all the greenery and lush vegetation in all its splendour.

Hidlumane Falls Hidlumane waterfall is among the most impressive highlights of this hike. The gushing waterfall is located just halfway through the hike. It is a perfect spot to relax or recharge batteries. There are also several streams close to the hike, where you can fill the water bottle.

On the second day, take an exhilarating jeep safari and stop at Malpe Beach. Explore the ruins of Nagara Fort or Shivappa Naik’s Fort and get to know the region’s rich history. Retire home to Bangalore with a bag packed with unforgettable memories. these are the top 5 Trekking Places in Karnataka you can check with your friends and family


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