Things to Do in Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills, known as Nandidurga, is a natural retreat near Bangalore.
Nandi Hills, previously known as Nandidurga, was Tipu Sultan’s summer retreat.

Things to do in Nandi hills

The Sir Mark Cubbon House (the 150-year-old pioneer house where Jawaharlal Nehru stayed) and Nehru Nilaya are two main attractions. Things to Do in Nandi Hills. There’s also the Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple and a lake called Amrita Sarovar.

Best time to travel

Nandi Hills is also known as Nandidurga and is a famous tourist attraction near Bangalore. The environment and natural beauty make it a great getaway from the city. Nandi Hills are best visited between October and February when the weather is enjoyable. the best place for activities such as hiking or sightseeing.

Nandi Hills is easily accessible by train or bus from Bangalore. Chikballapur is the nearest railway station, and buses run regularly from the city center. You can also take a taxi, auto-rickshaw, or bus to the hilltop. There are many parks and temples on the hilltop,
Getting up early is worth seeing the sunrise and sunset on Nandi Hill. You can see so many different birds there

Nandi Hills has something for everyone, from religious pilgrims and family fun to fun-filled activities. The stunning cliffs, views, and temples offer peaceful surroundings. In the hills, you can also see monkeys and deer.

It is best to visit Nandi hills Weather during the off-season. From June to September, the monsoon season can be an excellent time to visit the Nandi Hills. However, the slopes are very slippery during this period. Winter months from October to February can be much safer. The temperature is usually about 10 degrees lower than in Bangalore. Summer is also a great time to visit Nandi Hill if you can’t make it in winter. This place is great place to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Evenings can be cool and comfortable. Visitors from around the globe are drawn to Nandi Hill because it is a lovely location.

How to reach

Bangalore to Nandi hills distance

Nandi Hills, a beautiful tourist attraction and natural retreat Nandi hills distance located 60 km away from Bangalore, is a great place to relax with friends and family. The hillock looks like a sleeping calf, thus its name. Locals often visit this place to relax in the refreshing weather. A few restaurants and cafes on the hill also serve tasty food. This heavenly place is best visited in the morning or evening. (morning recommended)

Visitors can reach by taxi from their hotel or bus at the Majestic Bus Stand in Bangalore. They can also take a train from Bangalore to Nelamangala, Chikballapur, and then take a local bus. The best way to explore Nandhi hills is to take your bike or car. You can rent bikes in Bangalore if you don’t have a vehicle. There are so many companies providing rental services. So You can enjoy the road scenery.

You can explore the temples and old fort. Enjoy the view. You’ll need to plan carefully to avoid crowds. Pack a picnic and lots of water for your hilltop day.

Is it safe?

a popular tourist destination, is also home to a police station and post office. You can leave a letter at the station to be kept safe.

It’s worth visiting the top of the hill, which has two small temples and a cave. There are also great views. Plan accordingly to watch the sunrise or sunset.

After enough of the local cuisine and the views, it’s time to descend the mountain. Stop at the famous Nandi Upachar on your way down to enjoy savory pancakes.

Uber Intercity makes it easy to reach , whether traveling in a group or on your own. You can travel from Bangalore to Nandi Hills in peace with the 24/7 availability of Uber Intercity and its safety features. You’ll also have more time to enjoy this natural paradise.

Things to do

its offers a variety of activities for tourists. Beautiful views, temples, and hiking trails make up the main attractions. The fresh waters of the river are also well worth a visit. The waters of these rivers are believed to be the source of many other rivers, such as Arkavathy Ponnaiyar Palar and Penna. These waters are beautiful and an important water source for farmers and locals. They should, therefore, be protected and kept clean at all times.

Watching the sunrise at Nandibetta is the best way to enjoy. Nandi hills sunrise view point This view is stunning and brings a feeling of calm and peace. Winter is the best time to visit, Nandi hills sunrise. as sunrise is at 6 am and less crowded. Wear comfortable shoes and a warm jumper because it can be cold.

Tipu’s Drop is another top attraction in Nandi Hills. This natural rock building offers stunning views of the area. The government has declared it a heritage site. It’s a popular place for nature lovers and hikers.

also has many temples. One of them is the Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple. It’s a beautiful temple with a peaceful ambiance. The history behind it is fascinating. The temple dates back to the 9th century and is one of the oldest in Karnataka.

Hotels near Nandi hills The Picnic Area is perfect for relaxing with family or friends. There are several picnic tables as well as a play area for children. The restaurant offers delicious food.

Nandi Hills attracts tourists for its many activities, including paragliding and trekking. The greenery is beautiful and makes for an excellent getaway from city life. Nandi Hills offers a great weekend getaway or day trip for those who enjoy sightseeing. Beautiful views, ancient temples, and a relaxing environment will lift your spirits.


Many affordable accommodation options surround Nandi Hills. There are private homes for rent in addition to hotels, resorts, and other accommodations. Many offer luxuries such as free Wi-Fi and cable TV. These are great options for those who want to escape the city. These options are perfect for families with kids.

Tourists, cyclists, and hikers love the Nandi Hills. It is best to visit between October and January when temperatures are friendly, and the air is cool. The roads are less crowded, and the scenery is more accessible during this period.

Nandi Hills can be reached by bus or train, but renting a car is the most convenient and safest option. It takes around two hours to drive from Bangalore, but it is well worth the trip. Once you get there, there are many things to do, including exploring the old fort and watching the sunrise. Bring your camera to capture the stunning views.

Nandi Hills attracts business professionals, entrepreneurs, and remote workers for work and long-term leases. This area is perfect for outdoor activities such as yoga, meditation, and cycling. Nandi Hills is home to many animals and birds that migrate through the lush forests. These migratory and exotic birds draw wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. discovery village nandi hills

The rental market in Bangalore is growing as Nandi Hills gains popularity as “the backyard” of Bangalore. This region has a 6.6% average annual rental return, making it an attractive option for investors and second-home buyers. The region is becoming increasingly popular with millennials, families, and those looking to escape the city. The Kempegowda International Airport is nearby, and convenient transport links are into the city center. The hotel is close to several educational institutions, including VIT University of Advanced Learning, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Education, and the Kempegowda International Airport.

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